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About the 30 Day Diet™

With Day Diet™ you pick your plan to fit your weight loss goal. Get a little help from Mother Nature--don't tough it out alone, starving and miserable. Lose fast for your big event with 30 Day Diet™ for serious weight loss in a month-long program. Each power-packed capsule delivers:

  • African Mango--helps control cravings and suppress appetite
  • Raspberry Ketones--moderate adiponectin, the fat-regulating hormone
  • Lychee Fruit Extract--targets stubborn fat, improves skin tone
  • Green Tea Extract--promotes fat loss, high in antioxidants
  • Guarana Seed Extract--for the energy you need when you're eating less

With each purchase you get charts, easy instructions, and FREE unlimited diet support at (877) 744-1224 - got a question? Ask an expert! Weight loss can be this simple.

About the 30 Night Diet™

Why stop losing weight when the sun goes down, and the evening munchies call out to you from the refrigerator? Kick those cravings with 30 Night Diet™ stimulant-free diet supplements you can take in the evening to maximize weight loss results clear through till morning. Night Diet™ has no ingredients that could keep you from getting a good night's rest. Check out these benefits:

  • Clinically supported ingredients keep working even while you sleep
  • Raspberry Ketones, African Mango, and Lychee Fruit Extract help burn fat, control cravings, delay gastric emptying
  • Caralluma Fimbriata helps you feel full faster so you eat less
  • Gluten free formula, no fillers or additives - just the good stuff
  • 5-HTP--suppresses appetite, enhances mood by balancing serotonin levels in your brain to counter insomnia and depression, helps block new fat formation, even lessens nerve pain in conditions like fibromyalgia

Tell me more about 5-HTP
5-hydroxytryptophan is a powerful fat fighter found in the seeds of the Griffonia plant. A low-calorie diet often makes a person crave carbs, and 5-HTP works to block those cravings by keeping serotonin levels from dropping and causing you to feel like going on a binge. It is clinically shown to help block glucose release into the bloodstream, and it slows fat and sugar absorption so they pass right through you.

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